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Making Magic With Daily Prep...

Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015

It turns out that Net-Chef knows a magic trick: it can turn vegetables, pie crust, gravy, and chicken into Chicken Pot Pies. It does so through its Daily Prep function, which restaurant managers can learn to use via chxpotieour MainCourse online learning system.

When a manager uses Daily Prep:

  1. The system uses historical data, forecasts, and on-hand inventory to project what she’ll need to produce for each recipe.
  2. The manager can adjust quantities as needed
  3. She can print easy to read Prep sheets to guide the prep cooks

Now for the magic trick: Once the manager hits the “Finalize” button, Net-Chef takes all of the components used in the pot pies (the aforementioned vegetables, chicken, etc.) out of her inventory and puts all of the finished pot pies into her inventory.

What’s so great about that? It’s much easier and more accurate to count pies during inventory than to estimate the quantity of the components in each - which is what you’d do if you made pies and didn’t use Daily Prep to record them. That makes it less likely you’ll disappoint customers with out of stocks, or have too much inventory and end up with expensive waste. 

If you want to use Daily Prep in your company to increase efficiency and maintain optimum inventory levels, MainCourse is a great way to get your managers up to speed on this powerful module.

If your company is interested in using MainCourse to maximize the benefits of CrunchTime, please contact me directly at cbauer@crunchtime.com

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