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This blog supplements our Resource Center content.  We hope you visit often to learn more about how back office software can help your restaurant optimize food and labor costs and minimize waste.

Meeting the Challenge of Optimizing Restaurant Labor Costs

Posted on Wed, August 06, 2014

As seen Aug 6, 2014 | FsVoice inside Nation’s Restaurant News

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Tags: labor management, labor cost, back of house

What Should Your Restaurant Data Be Telling You?

Posted on Thu, February 06, 2014

As restaurant owners and management teams look at 2014 and beyond, there a series of key questions that they should be asking and need to ensure their ability to track and respond to the answers.  The focus of this blog will be about the real world issues and responses and not as much about the much hyped "Big Data" discussion.

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Tags: business intelligence, forecasting, sales forecasting, labor cost, restaurant sales forecasting

How Preparing a Labor Schedule is a Balancing Act

Posted on Tue, November 26, 2013

As mentioned earlier, labor scheduling is a balancing act, ensuring that customers receive the services they expect within a cost model that allows the restaurant to operate profitably

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Tags: workforce management, labor management, task lists, back office solution, labor cost

Importance of "Right-Sizing" Your Staff - Labor Management

Posted on Fri, November 22, 2013

Assuming that management has a sound methodology for establishing expected sales and traffic, local general managers in the restaurant space should think seriously about managing the two largest controllable items of their profit and loss statements: cost of goods and direct and supervisory labor.  I will speak later about theory and practice around purchasing, but here I want to focus on staffing and labor

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Tags: workforce management, labor management, labor cost

Who Should Own Forecasting in Your Company?

Posted on Fri, November 15, 2013

Forecast Cycles and Frequency - The benefits of developing an accurate forecast have been reviewed in earlier blogs and are, at the most basic level, the best way to predict both product and labor needs to meet and exceed customer demand and expectations.  While product shipments may only occur once to twice a week, labor needs are based upon expected daily sales and traffic.  Given that both food and labor costs are based upon daily sales and activity, the forecasts need to operate on a daily basis.

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Tags: restaurant reporting, workforce management, forecasting, labor cost, restaurant sales forecasting, waste

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