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This blog supplements our Resource Center content.  We hope you visit often to learn more about how back office software can help your restaurant optimize food and labor costs and minimize waste.

Peter Cancro, Founder and CEO of Jersey Mike’s Talks Business

Posted on Mon, May 12, 2014

We love it when our customers succeed.  It's the smart finance, operations, and technology teams that understand it takes a lot more than just great food to grow into an industry power-player.  Jersey Mike's Subs is proof-positive that technology can be leveraged to help a brand support it's franchise base with tools and services that help their franchisees win -- long-term.

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Tags: restaurant back office, actual vs. theoretical report, restaurant point of sale, restaurant system

New Year’s Resolutions for Restaurant Technology Executives

Posted on Mon, January 13, 2014

Matt Klyman here.  To all my blog readers, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  As I counted down the seconds this New Year’s eve and watched the ball drop in Times Square, I found myself reflecting on resolutions, both personal and professional, that I would be making this year of 2014.  In no specific order, they are:

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Tags: enterprise reporting, restaurant food cost, restaurant food costs, restaurant back office, workforce management, business intelligence, actual vs. theoretical report

The Labor Puzzle: Piecing Together a Manager Schedule

Posted on Mon, December 09, 2013

Management coverage is a major consideration when piecing together a labor schedule for a restaurant.

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Tags: restaurant back office, restaurant food prep, restaurant inventory control, workforce management, labor management, task lists

Why is Zero-Footprint Important in the Back Office?

Posted on Wed, December 04, 2013

Every restaurant has two kinds of back offices.  There's the physical one - you know, the prototypical restaurant back office that's so uncomfortable and small it barely fits the manager and his or her computer inside.  And, there's the virtual back office - that's the software that literally creates the 'playbook' and task lists for your manager on a daily basis.

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Tags: restaurant back office, labor management, task lists, restaurant supply chain, restaurant food safety, nutritional information, back office solution, POS

The Art and Science of Improving Your Forecasting

Posted on Mon, November 04, 2013

What is forecasting?  Building business plans require both knowledge and expectations about future events.  Long term planning includes product lines, concepts, and locations for operation.  Many of the key decisions that business leaders at all levels of operations face include beliefs and prospects for near term future events.  In both retail and restaurant locations, these key decisions include the amount and type of inventory that should be purchased and held and how many people will be needed to meet customer demand and provide acceptable levels of surface coverage.  To make these types of decisions, managers must plan based upon a forecast.  Merriam-Webster Online defines a forecast as calculating or predicting some future event “usually as a result of study and analysis of available pertinent data”.  By definition, a forecast is not a guess, a vision, or a speculation about the future, but is an expectation derived from analyzing past performance and drawing conclusions about the future.

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Tags: restaurant back office, business intelligence, forecasting, sales forecasting

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