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This blog supplements our Resource Center content.  We hope you visit often to learn more about how back office software can help your restaurant optimize food and labor costs and minimize waste.

5 Smart Reasons Why You Need a Business Intelligence Tool

Posted on Thu, October 02, 2014

When it comes to BI tools, data and how it is visualized can have a substantial impact on how your team discovers, communicates and reacts to trends.  

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Tags: restaurant reporting, enterprise reporting, business intelligence, dashboards

Who Should Own Forecasting in Your Company?

Posted on Fri, November 15, 2013

Forecast Cycles and Frequency - The benefits of developing an accurate forecast have been reviewed in earlier blogs and are, at the most basic level, the best way to predict both product and labor needs to meet and exceed customer demand and expectations.  While product shipments may only occur once to twice a week, labor needs are based upon expected daily sales and traffic.  Given that both food and labor costs are based upon daily sales and activity, the forecasts need to operate on a daily basis.

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Tags: restaurant reporting, workforce management, forecasting, labor cost, restaurant sales forecasting, waste

Restaurant Software: 5 Reasons Why an "All-in-One" Back Office Rules

Posted on Mon, October 28, 2013

Imagine having complete control of your restaurant business using one software solution.  Wow, that sounds good, doesn't it?  Food cost, menu engineering, inventory, labor, analytics... all of it together and centralized in a neat package. It's what today's foodservice C-team is striving for.  

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Tags: restaurant reporting, restaurant back office, restaurant inventory software, Implementation, back office solution implementation, nutritional database

How to Develop an Assortment Plan for a Restaurant (Part III)

Posted on Tue, October 22, 2013

As we discussed in my previous blog posts, the Assortment Plan provides a localized plan for each restaurant for all products.  It not only specifies the categories and detailed menu items to be sold, it also provides sales estimates for those products and, as well, gross margin estimates at the category/location level.  The definition of a category, the key product dimension for the plan, is best described by AC Nielsen is that the products should meet a similar consumer need, or that the products should be inter-related or substitutable.  The key here is that a Category should be viewed from your customer’s perspective rather than from a Food & Beverage point of view.

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Tags: restaurant reporting, enterprise reporting, menu and recipe engineering, menu engineering, restaurant back office, assortment planning, business intelligence, restaurant inventory software

Chasing Your Tail With Duplicate Data and Disparate Systems

Posted on Tue, September 17, 2013

Nobody ever said restaurant operations is easy.  Seemingly simple things like restaurant performance reporting can make you feel like a puppy chasing your own tail.  All you want is a solid operational foundation with access to real-time inventory, sales, and labor reporting.  You want to understand your true costs so you and your team can make smart decisions that will grow the business.

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Tags: restaurant reporting, restaurant food costs, food costing tools, restaurant back office, restaurant inventory control, labor cost, actual vs. theoretical report

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