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This blog supplements our Resource Center content.  We hope you visit often to learn more about how back office software can help your restaurant optimize food and labor costs and minimize waste.

Virtual Back Office Restaurant Software

Posted on Fri, February 27, 2015

By Paul Molinari

There are two kinds of back offices in a restaurant.  There's the one that's so uncomfortably crowded it barely fits the manager, a desk and a Blu-ray copy of Chef.  Then, there's the virtual back office – this is the restaurant software system that literally creates the playbook and task lists for the manager on a daily basis.

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Tags: restaurant back office software, restaurant food cost, restaurant system

The New Brand Protectors: Your IT Team

Posted on Mon, December 22, 2014

Now, like never before, your IT team plays a vital role in the care and feeding of the business' most important asset: the brand. Here’s how IT can be successful brand stewards by making the right software choices.

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Tags: back office solution implementation, restaurant system, IT Infrastructure Standardization, Brand

Peter Cancro, Founder and CEO of Jersey Mike’s Talks Business

Posted on Mon, May 12, 2014

We love it when our customers succeed.  It's the smart finance, operations, and technology teams that understand it takes a lot more than just great food to grow into an industry power-player.  Jersey Mike's Subs is proof-positive that technology can be leveraged to help a brand support it's franchise base with tools and services that help their franchisees win -- long-term.

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Tags: restaurant back office, actual vs. theoretical report, restaurant point of sale, restaurant system

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