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This blog supplements our Resource Center content.  We hope you visit often to learn more about how back office software can help your restaurant optimize food and labor costs and minimize waste.

Bite-sized Online Training Courses are Easier to Digest

Posted on Mon, June 15, 2015

Strange but true: Nobody wants to take a 20 minute online training course, but everybody thinks taking 5 four-minute lessons is no big deal.

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Tags: restaurant back office training

Restaurant inventory management is a pain in the...

Posted on Fri, May 29, 2015

We know it, you know it, everyone knows it.  Restaurant inventory management is a giant pain, but a sound approach to it has to be in place to ensure a successful foodservice operation.  

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Tags: inventory management

Making Magic With Daily Prep...

Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015

It turns out that Net-Chef knows a magic trick: it can turn vegetables, pie crust, gravy, and chicken into Chicken Pot Pies. It does so through its Daily Prep function, which restaurant managers can learn to use via our MainCourse online learning system.

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Tags: Maincourse, Daily Prep

Virtual Back Office Restaurant Software

Posted on Fri, February 27, 2015

By Paul Molinari

There are two kinds of back offices in a restaurant.  There's the one that's so uncomfortably crowded it barely fits the manager, a desk and a Blu-ray copy of Chef.  Then, there's the virtual back office – this is the restaurant software system that literally creates the playbook and task lists for the manager on a daily basis.

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Tags: restaurant back office software, restaurant food cost, restaurant system

Operations Data for Restaurant Marketers

Posted on Fri, January 09, 2015

As Mark Mears, chief marketing officer for Schlotzsky’s, told Nation’s Restaurant News earlier this year, technology is not just about creating a “wow” factor.

“Rather, use the data, information and insights that technology provides to engage your guests on a more intimate, one-to-one level,” he said. “This will elevate your brand from a surface-level transactional exchange to a deeper, more relational level with your guests.”

It really is all about the data.  
Marketers that understand that business data intelligence not only allows for smarter decisions about what sort of programs to create and execute, but also when and where, too.
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Tags: business intelligence

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