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CrunchTime Insights

Is your restaurant investing in the employee experience?

Technology designed to enrich the guest experience is great, so shouldn't restaurants take the same approach with the employee experience? When most businesses connect the dots between technology...

Jean at Control

An Exit Interview with Jean Fogarty, Retiring CrunchTime VP of Client Services

St. Patrick's Day move-in's, pink extension cords, and franchise functionality -- wrapping up a 20+ year career with a CrunchTime legend... What were you doing in 2000? Jean Fogarty was beginning...

Garrett T

Talking With Garrett Tietjen, Labor Product Manager

If you’ve used our restaurant labor tools, you’ve experienced Garrett Tietjen and his team's work.  Garrett is our Labor Product Manager, and we talked to him about his role.  

food safety restaurant

Keep it Fresh: How data can improve your food safety procedures

Food safety is always your top priority, but there are ways a restaurant's back office data can make meals even safer for your guests. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ...

Restaurant Food Preparation

Restaurant Food Prep Lists: How to Improve Your Prep Planning Process

Your food prep planning can highlight how efficient (or inefficient) your back of house operations are. The food prep cycle is a process. Receiving ingredients from vendors, then creating...

CrunchTime 2020 in Review

The Year in Review and Looking Ahead with CrunchTime   2020 was the 25th anniversary of CrunchTime. A period that should have been joyous for our company has instead been defined by the COVID-19...

Restaurant LTO & Seasonal Menu Innovation, image of McDonald's McRib sandwich

Restaurant Innovation: LTO & Seasonal Menus

Menu innovations can bump store sales and help maintain brand freshness, but your LTO success requires tremendous operational preparedness. LTO menu innovation is always a hot trend in our...