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Paul Molinari

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Using mobile reporting tools can make a big impact at your restaurant

How are we doing? Like, right now? Yes, there's an app for that. Restaurant GMs crave a steady flow of critical information. And what's most important for them is understanding how well they're...


Restaurant Labor Rules - Pop Quiz!

Restaurant GMs have it rough when it comes to scheduling. Every week they have to follow exact labor laws and compliance rules, or it can cost them (and your operation) serious money. Restaurant...


The Science Behind Profitable Menu Engineering

Designing your menu is an art form, but there's a science to it as well. Now more than ever, a solid grasp of menu engineering principles is critical to the long-term success of your operation. As...


How restaurants are dealing with labor issues

Restaurant Business Magazine's excellent podcast series, A Deeper Dive with Jonathan Maze looks at how restaurants are dealing with their labor problems. In this episode Pincho Factory CEO Jayson...


How Restaurant Technologies Can Ease Your Back Office Woes

While a restaurant's front of the house is where all of the action happens, it's the back of the house that keeps the establishment running like a well oiled machine. The problem is, back office...


Optimize restaurant labor schedules using "Earned Hours"

Restaurant labor cost management starts with optimized schedules.  For many restaurants, labor accounts for up to one third or more of their cost of sales. Having the perfect number of employee’s...


Product News: Summer Update 2018

Just like you, we'd like to know what's going on with our partner's products, too!  Here's a product news update selected from our most recent CrunchTime DISH customer newsletter.