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Using mobile reporting tools can make a big impact at your restaurant

Blog feature image - Using mobile reporting tools to make a big impact at your restaurant

Using mobile reporting tools can make a big impact at your restaurant

Want to know how you're doing? Like, right now? Yes, there's an app for that.

Restaurant GMs crave a steady flow of critical information. And what's most important for them is understanding how well they're performing at any given moment. The most accurate and timely data allows GMs to make decisions that best impact their business. For example, it's important for GMs to constantly check their sales to see if they are trending higher or lower than forecasted so they can make adjustments to food-prep and labor-use accordingly. This is how the profit game is won or lost and it's why mobile reporting is a critical business tool for your back office.

Mobile Reporting Solutions that Make an Impact

GMs don't have time to run back and forth to stationary PCs to view the latest data about their restaurant. They should be focusing their efforts on making swift decisions if the data calls for them to do so. They should not be spending their time trying to find the data they need. Additionally, those who can carve time out of their busy day to load the latest reports may be reacting to outdated information. The best way to access the data they need to make real-time decisions is via a mobile device that they can check while on the move.


CrunchTime! Impact Reporting Application Tracking up to 60 real-time metrics including food and labor costs, forecast variance, on a customizable dashboard. Accurate information at configurable intervals. Single-store and consolidated views. For Android and iOS devices. Receive task alerts with iOS Apple Watch. Availability: Mobile: Apple iTunes | Google Android Store


So what should a restaurant mobile reporting tool contain? These are four must-have features:

  1. Detailed mode that allows stats to be displayed for a more visual presentation
  2. Customization, like color coding, that make data easier to read
  3. Metric history view that makes it easier to see trends and predict what will happen next
  4. Consolidated mode for area directors, which shows the metrics for all stores within a hierarchy

With these features, managers and GMs of varying status and responsibilities can quickly make the correct decision or adjustment. Area and regional directors on the road can decide which store to visit next based on data they're getting on their phone. Store-level GMs can quickly adjust their food and labor plans on the fly. It's this level of efficiency that allows restaurants to optimize their food and labor operations. This is how brands win.

Make an Impact with Impact

CrunchTime developed a mobile reporting app that shows your GMs, right on their devices, their sales and labor metrics as of the last time the Net-Chef food and labor operations platform polled the POS. That can be as often as every 15 minutes, so data is always current. The Impact dashboard is capable of displaying up to 60 critical metrics.

Think about that… no matter where they are, Impact gives your GMs the info they need to make necessary adjustments on the fly. That’s a money maker, particularly when GMs can configure which metrics display first, allowing them to focus on the most meaningful data for their restaurant.

In short, a GM with Impact is a GM with impact. Click here to learn more about Impact, along with CrunchTime's other mobile solutions.

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