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Bite-sized Online Training Courses are Easier to Digest


Bite-sized Online Training Courses are Easier to Digest

Strange but true: Nobody wants to take a 20 minute online training course, but everybody thinks taking 5 four-minute lessons is no big deal.

So when we wrote the online lessons to teach restaurant managers how to use Net-Chef, we broke the trainingCrunchTime-MainCourse-Page up into little bite-sized chunks that take less time than a cigarette break. In each lesson we:

  • Focused on the most critical need-to-know stuff
  • Built simulations so people could practice what they’d learned
  • Included quizzes to help learners review the material

Then we put the lessons on MainCourse, our Learning Management System, which is a site that gives our clients instant access to the materials, and allows them to track the progress of their people who take the lessons.

The combination of bite-sized lessons and instant access for end-users is a powerful combo. Miller’s Ale House used it to train 406 people in just 3 weeks on the newest version of Net-Chef … and nobody had to take time away from their restaurant, or travel a single mile.

MainCourse is available to all CrunchTime clients to help them learn Net-Chef, AND our TeamworX workforce management application, AND our BizIQ business intelligence application. AND… it’s free.

Interested in using MainCourse to train your people on CrunchTime? Contact me directly at cbauer@crunchtime.com