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A Smarter Way to Reconcile: How to Receive Shipments in Half the Time

August 15, 2019 food operations management

We all have the technology to limit double data entry, so why not use it?

Would you prefer to enter the same data once or twice? I think we can all agree that once is the only correct answer. Not only does this save keystrokes (and thus time) it limits the potential for human error. However, data gets entered twice at restaurants all the time, particularly by operators performing critical back office functions like inventory counting and reconciling. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

Based on the conversations we've had with restaurant executives and GMs, the process of receiving vendor orders usually goes like this: they stand at the back door making notes on paper about what they’re receiving. They take those notes to a computer and then they copy them into their inventory management system. Perhaps GMs at your restaurant do this, and you don't give it a second thought. But like we said, there is a solution, and it involves using the technology surrounding us.

Leverage the Power of Your Mobile Device

Remember when we used to print out directions to take with us when we were driving to a new place? Remember when we had to manage our bank accounts in miniature books that printed every transaction? Remember when you had to stay home to call someone? Those days are over because mobile technology has changed the way we live. Why shouldn't it change the way we receive vendor orders and manage data?


Today, almost everyone owns at least one smartphone. According to the Pew Research Center's Mobile Fact Sheet, 81 percent of American adults have one. We all know that smartphones can do amazing things, and those who use a back office operations platform that leverages this can reap incredible benefits. 

Picture this scenario - rather than writing down your received vendor orders and uploading them into a back office system, what if when a vendor shows up you simply tap a row on your phone screen to access your oder. Then you work through the product list by entering the physical quantities of everything you received. Once that's done, you're done. The data uploads to your system over the internet. No more double entry!

The right mobile app for receiving vendor orders should contain plenty of features and functions to simplify even single data entry. Once the invoice number is known in the app, the invoice quantities should populate, allowing the receiver to know how much they should have received versus how much they actually received. With the right app, you can also always know your place, so you don't make the mistake of recounting. The benefits are virtually endless.

Reconciler Makes Things Simple and Easy

CrunchTime has developed a mobile application that allows restaurants to easily receive vendor orders and upload the data to their Net-Chef platform. No longer do they have to write down the order quantities and re-enter that data into the system. The data takes care of itself!

Not in an area where you can upload data over the internet? Not a problem. Some receiving areas might have spotty service, but that doesn't prevent users from entering data into the app. Once the device is in a good cell reception area, the upload process takes place. Some people we've spoken with like writing quantities down on pen and paper because it's a reliable analog solution. Reconciler serves the same purpose, with half the data entry.

Food operations are a critical component of running a restaurant, but most restaurant operators want to use their time engaging with guests, improving the customer experience, and driving sales. That's what you hired them for in the first place, right? That's what makes them a skilled restaurant operator. A mobile suite of applications designed to streamline the data entry process and simplify your operators' lives will save them the time so they can focus on what they do best. 




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