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food operations management

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A Smarter Way to Reconcile: How to Receive Shipments in Half the Time

We all have the technology to limit double data entry, so why not use it? Would you prefer to enter the same data once or twice? I think we can all agree that once is the only correct answer. Not...

food social media

How Food Operations Data Assists Your Social Media Campaigns

The connection between your food operations data and social media marketing is stronger than you think. Social media marketing is a tool that can promote specific menu items at specific stores....

restaurant manager

How to Hold Managers Accountable (and Empower Them to Make the Right Decision)

  The best restaurant managers are given tools needed to both succeed and hold themselves accountable when they don't. Restaurant brands are only as successful as their individual locations....


Modernizing Your Restaurant: Why You Should Start with Your FLO

  Your food and labor operations are the key to your restaurant's success, so your back-of-house system needs to keep up with a rapidly-changing industry. Ever-evolving guest-facing technologies...


Building the Ideal Restaurant Back Office Technology Ecosystem

Here's why food and labor operations are the heart and soul of your restaurant technology stack The performance of your restaurant technology plays a large role in the success of your operations....


What to know about Generation Z

Preserving your brand’s future: What restaurants need to know about Generation Z This is the first in a two-part series on Generation Z.


Many restaurants are raising prices, but should you?

Price increases are the oldest revenue strategy in the book, but do you need to raise your prices to remain profitable? Restaurant price increases aren't a new phenomenon, but today it seems that...